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Raptoreum (RTM) CPU Mining - Accepted as Donation / FTP Purchase

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For users who don't want to mess with buying vouchers or purchase premium or providing content.
CPU mining is once again a viable mean of donation to Mikocon / 2DJGAME.

Refer to https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/raptoreum/ for current price of Raptoreum (RTM).

We accept RTM as donation and can be converted to [Access] as donation or FTP credit.

Example: a typical old CPU in 2018, Ryzen 7 2700X currently should yield 20 RTM/day -> 1.16 USD/day -> 132 Yen/day.
You can earn 1 month of Mikocon FTP account by mining for 2 days, at our standard rate of 250 Yen/Month of FTP Credit.
Excess credit not in 250 Yen block can be stored in your Mikocon account as VIP donation credit, and can be converted to FTP when you have 250 Yen worth of donation.

If you don't want to spend time making your wallet and simply want to support Mikocon, you can mine to our address here: RUZcLybctsKhUYN6UAXZ1te6uhcgpwrya5

1. Download Miner from https://github.com/WyvernTKC/cpuminer-gr-avx2/releases
2. Extract to a folder
3. Edit config.json and replace all content with the following. Be sure to change YOURNAME to something to identify you, or a random name if you want to be secret.
  1. {
  2.   "url": "stratum+tcps://asia.flockpool.com:5555",
  3.   "url-backup": "stratum+tcps://us.flockpool.com:5555",
  4.   "user": "RUZcLybctsKhUYN6UAXZ1te6uhcgpwrya5.YOURNAME",
  5.   "pass": "x",
  6.   "algo": "gr",
  7.   "cpu-priority": "0"}
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4. Run cpuminer.bat as administrator.
5. If the window says require reboot, you need to reboot your computer once.
6. First run of the miner will optimize against your system, which takes 60-120 minutes. No earning during that period.

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