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About recent leaks of Comic Namaiki 2015-06 and Comic Aun 2015-05 / 关於杂志流出 (中文版编写中)

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As many of you have found out, we have released Comic Namaiki 2015-06 and Comic Aun 2015-05 ahead of schedule.
This is due to a Mikocon member joining our VIP by donation, downloaded 2 magazines scanned by COMIC ONE, then uploaded to EHentai.

It defeat our reason of delaying the releases of magazines. If we posted a month later according to schedule, it will be identical to the one already leaked.
Hence we took the action of expunging the gallery of the leaked scan, and proceed with releasing this 2 magazines ahead of schedule.

Gladly, with the way that Mikocon VIP is setup, the leak was limited to 2 magazines. This member have all his [Access] revoked.
It appeared that the member was motivated by wanting to see some chapter translated sooner, but chose to post publicly.
He could have just asked those translating groups to contact us.

Regarding to translations, Mikocon/Comic ONE has the following policy

For Non-Commercial Translating Groups
  • Refer to those that do not benefit financially from publishing translated comic. (Paid DDL hoster or advertisement is not permitted. Donation is permitted provided that it is not incentivized with perks such as "early release")
  • Publish of translated comic using Comic ONE RAW, must not be earlier than Comic ONE releases.
  • Use of private release in Mikocon VIP for pre-translation is permitted but if such action result in a leak, [Access] will be forfeited.
  • Translating groups are welcomed to contact us for discussing translation matters.

For Commercial Translating Groups
  • We believe that you are fully capable of paying the market rate for scanning magazines
  • Please do not use Mikocon VIP / Comic ONE as a cheap(er) source of scans

It is undeniable that 2DJGAME/Mikocon has generated income from publishing scans, but in exchange, we are able to do controlled, sustainable, complete, quality releases, at a relatively harmless way.
We cannot control how anyone use our scans after the release is public, but we will not tolerate members that abuse their privilege of access to private releases.


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