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Mikocon Release Objectives & Policies (Revised 2014-12-22)

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2D.G.F - mikocon is one of the oldest existing Japanese game release group in the world.
We are founded in 2003, to provide latest game downloads for Chinese users, when importing games from Japan was expensive, slow and difficult.
Starting from Mid-2013, we purchase our own physical copy of games for release.

Our current release objectives are as following
  • To provide Japanese game release coverage as comprehensive as possible by bittorrent and direct download.
  • To minimize impact of our release on Japanese game studios, as our intended audiences are Chinese users who cannot easily import the said games.
  • To provide download as fast as possible while complying with the above.
  • Allow users to obtain content more conveniently and provide a better experience.

Our current release policies are as following
  • Spread out releases such that there is at least one game release a day.
  • To give some breathing room to Japanese game studios, our own bought games, or own created crack will typically be released no earlier than [the latter of]
  1. 14 Days from purchase.
  2. 21 Days from the game's release date.
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  • Except in the following cases
  1. When the game is released by another uploader, that result in the game being, or about to be, publicly available.
  2. (Other uploaders will also spread these semi-publicly available content, hence our priority access policy is very strict to minimize leaks from our side)
  3. When the member who provided the game requested us to do so prior to the default date above.
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  • Games obtained from private release area of another forum is not added to Mikocon VIP, nor such games will be released publicly, unless leaked from another forum.
  • Doujin Games / Anime may not follow the above.

Additional Information
  • We offer our Chinese users a way to purchase original ACG at discounted rate, by collaborating with several independent deputy services.
  • These deputy services have since then generated millions of Yens of turnover on Japanese ACG content, of which the majority of customers are 2DJGAME members.

  • Why does Mikocon releases states "Do not re-upload"?
We feel that our releases are well covered by various filehosts and torrents.
There is no benefit to users, to have the files re-uploaded to the same filehost and to the same site as we already have.

If the uploader is uploading to a different filehost or distribute by another method, he is welcomed to do so.
He can also post it to his own website as long as it is not in an abusive way.

We particularly do not like uploaders who just follow and copy all our releases, minutes after we posted.
For example, some uploader(s) are fully capable of ripping their own CG pack but still insist of copying ours.
Such action seriously impact the motivation of those, who do purchase games and release, or spend much time on ripping game CG, or scanning magazines.

The same can be said for the relationship between us and the studios / circles / publishers / artists / creators.
Having the ability to copy other people's work almost instantly, does not mean that it has to be done this way.

  • Why does Mikocon release anything to the english communities?
The reason we started posting DDL links is same as other people, to earn some money to support our site(s)
The money allowed 2DJGAME to
  • Maintain a top-tier release speed
  • Maintain the world's largest bishoujo archive (>100TB space)
  • Funding the purchase of games and magazines
  • Allow our site(s) to operate in a freemium way

With the never-ending abusers on the internet, there is no effective way to restrict access to just Chinese users like we originally intended to.
Someone will always take from the restricted forum of another site and profit from it, materially or not.
We may as well try to skip the middleman and "leak" from our site in a controlled fashion. And make a better use of the "cake" than anyone else can.

  • How is it possible that Mikocon is holding so many exclusive releases?
We are not lone uploaders and we have full support from the 2DJGAME community.
This includes having members located in Japan to help us obtain content as soon as, and as economic as possible.
We also have members to deal with cracks, CG rips, translations or artworks.
Our members also understand the mutual benefits of keeping the exclusive content only within our closed community.

Non-community release sites or lone uploaders' blog are getting bigger and bigger, simply because they excels in copying content from other places.
These sites inherently have minimal appreciation towards original content providers, and intentionally drive appreciation towards the site owners instead.
This resulted in a self-fulfilling prophecy where no one generate original content, because they know it is not going to be appreciated.
The black-hole effect of such release sites slowly damages other sites with some degree of exclusive content but lack of measures to prevent leaks.

We think that this is why many users would prefer to share original content through 2DJGAME than elsewhere or alone.


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Release objective revised with further explanation of why we are doing things this way.

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