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[Announcement] Unreleased Area Price Drop and Auto-Adjustment | 未发布资源区减价及自动调整

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The pricing of contents in the Mikocon VIP area do not usually change after initially posting.
Last year, an auto-adjustment mechanism has been implemented in 2DJGAME, where the thread price adjusts according to popularity and age of the content.
In the short-term (within 48 hours of release), the price will go down or up every hour depending on the number of users paying for the thread over the past few hours.
In the long-term, the price is determined by the total purchases and number of days passed.

The experimental feature is now considered mature enough to bring to Mikocon.
The number of VIP users in Mikocon is considerably less than 2DJGAME and have a different pricing structure.
Only the long-term adjustment portion will be implemented in Mikocon VIP area.

The major changes to Mikocon VIP area pricing is as following:
  • Reduce the initial pricing of all content from 0.45x to 0.35x, and 0.3x for updates
  • Linear decrease of price over 365 days to 0.1x (for updates), 0.15x (for doujins), 0.25x (for commercial and exclusive cracked contents)
  • Days passed is counted from the last version date if exist, or otherwise the release date of the content (not the post date)
  • [Doujin Update] are released doujin contents where the unreleased area have more updated version with extra content. Updated content with only bug fixes or minor content update will be available on FTP instead.
  • [Exclusive] are content cracked by 2DJGAME and is yet to available elsewhere.
  • [Bonus] are extra game content that is not available elsewhere, with a fixed constant price of 0.25x . Unreleased games WITH bonus will be considered [Commercial Games]. After release, if the Bonus part of content remain unreleased, it will be moved to [Bonus]. Non-essential/Lower value content such as Labels, Manuals, Maxi Singles and OST will be available on FTP instead.
  • High popularity content (measured by number of purchases) will upward adjust the price but never exceed the original price.
  • Script is run every hour so there will be a daily change in price.

The new pricing is effective immediately. Anyone who purchased anything in the past 5 days can request partial refund of the extra [Access] (20% of the differences from 96-120 hours, 40% of the differences from 72-96 hours, 60% of the differences from 48-72 hours, 80% of the differences from 24-48 hours, 100% in the past 24 hours.

Mikocon VIP 区域在发帖後价格基本上是不变的。

上年,我们在 2DJGAME 里启用了自动价格调整功能,视乎资源热门的程度,以及发售後的日数而调整。

现时该价格调整功能已成熟,一部份的功能将会加入到 Mikocon。
由於 Mikocon 的定位,定价,VIP 会员数量和参与方式与 2DJGAME 不一样,
Mikocon VIP 区域的价格调整仅参考站内的销售数及距离发售日多久作静态计算。

Mikocon VIP 区价格调整如下:
  • 所有资源的起始价格由 0.45x 下调至 0.35x,同人更新为 0.3x
  • 以 365 天为限,按日线性下调价格,最终定价为: 同人更新为 0.1x,同人未发布 0.15x,企业及破解资源 0.25x。
  • 价格调整的起始日期,先最後更新日起计算,後以发售日计算,而不是以发帖时间计算。
  • [同人更新] 是已经发布的同人资源的更新版本,特指增加了新内容。修正版,或者只有少量额外内容,将会直接在 FTP 提供。
  • [独家资源] 是 2DJGAME 破解资源,没有在公开的地方进行发布。
  • [特典] 是没有公开下载的额外的游戏内容,价格固定为 0.25x 不随时间变动。如对应的游戏同样为未发布,将计算在 [企业游戏] 类别内。对应游戏发布後,如仍有未发布的特典,则转移到 [特典] 分类。非必要性,次要性的特典,例如说明书,主题典 CD,原声集,於 FTP 提供下载。
  • 热门内容 (以站内销量计算),会向上调整价格,但不会高於上列的 0.3x/0.35x 上限。
  • 调整机制每小时运行,价格会每天变动。

新价格即时生效。如你在过去 5天购买资源而价格调整了,你可申请退回多付的 [Access]。
4-5 天,20% 差额,3-4天 40% 差额,2-3天 60% 差额,1-2天,80%差额,24小时内,100% 差额。

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I was recommended this website by my cousin. I am not sure whether this post is written by him as no one else know such detailed about my difficulty happy wheels

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