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[English] Complete Mikocon VIP Guide [Ver.2016-03-29] (Due to excessive Webmoney, Please use Bitcash if possible)

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2DJGAME was founded in 2003, to provide latest game downloads for Chinese users, when importing games from Japan was expensive, slow and difficult.
2D.G.F - Mikocon is one of the oldest existing Japanese game release group in the world.
Over time, our alias "2D.G.F" and "Mikocon" has gained reputation of providing fast, reliable high quality releases.

Starting from Mid-2013, 2DJGAME have introduced "Own Bought" releases, where 2DJGAME obtain games in the following ways

In addition, we also have teams of uploaders, CG rippers and other supporting staffs, making 2DJGAME the most vertical-integrated upload group for Japanese ACG content in existence.

1-2) Background Information  Click to View
■ 1.) History of FlowerTradeWinds / Mikocon / Orenogalgame / Bishoujo.moe  Click to View
2009Start of Filehost Release - The donations in 2DJGAME were insufficient to support our ever growing archive, we started uploading to filehosts to increase our income.
Infrastructure Expansion - Extra earning allowed us to massively upgrade our servers, to allow for faster upload speed, and larger storage capacity.
Start of Guishen CG RIP - Dedicated CG ripper to produce quality CG rips.
Shutdown of Hongfire Download Area and Rise of Anime-Sharing - Due to Hongfire being bombarded by complaints, Hongfire decided not to continue to run a download forum. Most of the uploaders have moved to Anime-Sharing.
Start of Orenogalgame Blog - Due to Anime-Sharing intermittent network problem and risk of being banned by breaking trivial rules on high volume of releases (e.g. missing Roumaji), we had to seek a place to release where we could have full control.
Start of 2DJGAME Own Bought Release - 2DJGAME Deputy Service provide members with an easy way to purchase games, where all fee except shipping are covered by 2DJGAME. Games are ripped prior to shipping, such that the purchaser can play the game before arrive.
Start of Mikocon.com & Comic ONE - Many magazines were not scanned by other scanners. We felt that there was a gap to be filled.
Start of Bishoujo.moe - Due to Japanese Police investigating FC2, FC2 tightened up on blogs with questionable content. Unfortunately, our blog was closed by FC2. As a replacement, we created Bishoujo.moe

■ 2.) 2DJGAME / Mikocon Game Releases - General Information  Click to View
There are many ways to download games, typically by using Bittorrent, Filehosts and Japanese P2P.
However, games are only available when someone first posted it online.
In the old days, there are many Japanese uploaders who will upload latest games to Winny or Share.
Over the past few years, many of these uploaders were caught, but very few new uploaders replacing them.

Let's answer a few questions:

  • How many games can you play in 1 day?
  • How many games have you downloaded but not played?
  • Do you spend more time checking for downloads than playing games?
  • Do you spend money purchasing filehost premium account?
  • Do you worry about the safety of using Bittorrent or Japanese P2P?
  • Do you still want to play a game if it is available several months after it is released?
  • Do you have other games to play when the latest one is not available?
  • If you cannot find a game online, will you consider purchasing that game?
  • Do you play games on PSV/PS3/PS4/Xbox(*) where there is no widespread piracy?

There are a few more questions if you purchase games:
  • Do you prefer to keep your game package unopened?
  • Do you feel unhappy if games you ordered arrive after it is already available for download everywhere?

▲ 2.1) 2DJGAME Release Objectives  Click to View
Our current release objectives are as following
  • To provide Japanese game release coverage as comprehensive as possible by bittorrent and filehost download.
  • To minimize impact of our releases on Japanese Creators. Our intended audiences are Chinese users who cannot easily import the said games.
  • To provide download as fast as possible while complying with the above.
  • Allow users to obtain content more conveniently and provide a better experience.

▲ 2.2) Why has no one considering the above questions before?  Click to View
Thank you to the Japanese uploaders (神) in the past whom got caught, we all had the privilege to play most if not all the new games in the day of release.
All we had to do was (re-)upload files from Winny and Share, to Bittorrent and Filehosts.
There was nothing else we needed to do, nor was there anything else we could do.

▲ 2.3) Why do the above questions matters now?  Click to View
In the old days, all we did were to (re-)upload content from Winny and Share.
The initial release was done by these Japanese uploaders (神), and we have considered ourselves not doing any harm to the original creators.
The logic was, if we were not around to (re-)release, users will simply download directly from Winny and Share, or from another (re-)uploader.

Nowadays, as 2DJGAME / Mikocon becomes the initial uploader for many games and magazines, we have the conscious of minimizing harm to the original creators.

▲ 2.4) Why does 2DJGAME not stop releasing games publicly to protect the creators?  Click to View
If users are given the perception that our private releases will permanently remain private, they will feel more inclined to share it elsewhere.
If happens, the leak will most likely occur earlier than our intended release schedule, resulting in more harm to the original creators.

By having a visible release queue and well-defined rules, showing that 2DJGAME is releasing new content every day, our users will be less likely to leak from our private releases.

▲ 2.5) Advantages of private and delayed releases to 2DJGAME  Click to View
With the unique environment of 2DJGAME, private and delayed releases are more suitable for us:
  • Incentive for members to donate, or to provide other unreleased content.
  • Encourage members to purchase original games or goods. Our affiliated deputy service provider sells over 1000kg of ACG goods every month, most customers are 2DJGAME members.
  • Minimize impact on Japanese creators, while still meeting the objectives of 2DJGAME.
  • Allow us to spread out releases every day, to optimize earning from filehosts.
  • Save our members from wasting precious time looking for downloads elsewhere, which could be fake file, premium only, or otherwise inconvenient to download.

3) 2DJGAME & Mikocon Member Privileges  Click to View
2DJGAME is one of the largest Chinese eroge forum in the world, with more than 10000 active members (excluding guests).
We have a working VIP scheme since 2004 to access our archive, which makes 2DJGAME an ideal environment for private releases.

Independent uploaders or uploader-orientated forums do not have the choice of private release, but can only release as soon as they purchase the games or scanned a magazine.

▲ 3.1) 2DJGAME / Mikocon Member Classes  Click to View
2DJGAME / Mikocon Member privileges are as following:
Member Class
Games Bonus
Games CG Rip
Unmodified Released Games
2DJGAME Regular Members
Yes, Per-Item Cost
Yes, JPG Early Access
Currently No,
Soon Yes
Yes, Data Cost
Yes, Data Cost
Yes, JPG/Lossless Early Access
Yes, Data Cost
Yes, Data Cost
Mikocon FTP Users
Yes, JPG/Lossless Early Access
Mikocon VIP Users
Yes, Per-Item Cost [Access]
Yes, Per-Item Cost [Access]

▲ 3.2) What is the difference between 2DJGAME Regular Members and Mikocon VIP Users?  Click to View
  • 2DJGAME registration is closed. Registration is possible with limited invitations per month, by invitation from existing members, or by spending on our deputy service. To enable access to unreleased games, payment using registered Alipay account is required..
  • Mikocon registration is open, access to unreleased content require effectively an anonymous deposit payment.
  • Mikocon VIP users have access to magazines, 2DJGAME regular members do not.

▲ 3.3) Can I provide games to become 2DJGAME Member or Mikocon VIP?  Click to View
The answer is Yes.
  • For 2DJGAME membership registration, please contact 提督. Unless you speak Chinese, or can frequently provide games, promotion to VIP membership is typically not possible.
  • For Mikocon VIP, games you provided will be converted to equivalent [Access] credit for use in the VIP areas.

4) Mikocon VIP Credit Basics  Click to View
Mikocon is a sister site of 2DJGAME, intended for Non-Chinese visitors.
In 2DJGAME, private release is achieved by the difficulty of registering new accounts.
In Mikocon, private release is achieved by effectively requiring a deposit payment.

<Access> Cost for Unreleased Games and Magazine is as following:
Content Type
Typical Market Cost
Multiplier Typical Access Cost
Games - DL Version
500 - 3000 Yen 40% 200 - 1200 <Access>
Games - Commercial
2000 - 10000 Yen 35% 700 - 3500 <Access>
Magazines 400 - 1300 Yen 160% 640 - 2080 <Access>

How <Access> is calculated
Mikocon VIP is based on a deposit and trust system.
  • The more you donate, the more <Access> you receive every week.
  • The longer you are Mikocon VIP, the more <Access> you receive every week.
  • When leak of unreleased content is found from your account, all you VIP credits will be zeroed.

Initial Donation

  • <Access> = <Donation (Yen)>
  • <Clearance> = <Donation (Yen)> x 0.25
  • Lifetime = Donation (Yen) x 80 - Access = Donation (Yen) x 79
  • Limit = Donation (Yen) x 2

Every Wednesday

  • Clearance = Clearance x 1.03
  • Access = Access + Clearance
  • Lifetime = Lifetime - Clearance

5) How to obtain VIP Credit  Click to View
2DJGAME / Mikocon accepts donation in a number of ways.
All donations we received in Mikocon will be spent inside Japan, to purchase games or magazines.

▲ 5.1) By Donation  Click to View
In order to minimize transaction fees for both you and us,
Please answer the following questions to find the best donation method for you.
Go to the next question if the answer is no.

1. Do you currently have premium account(s) from Rapidgator, Uploaded?
You may be able to receive free VIP <Access>.
Please read section 5.2

2. Do you live in Japan?
Yes (Vouchers)  Click to View
If you occasionally purchase games, you can provide the game image to us, in exchange for <Access>.
Please read Section 5.3
We accept donation in the methods below.
Count as
Webmoney (http://www.webmoney.jp/)
1000 Yen 1000 Yen
Bitcash (https://bitcash.jp/)
1000 Yen 1000 Yen
Vanilla VISA (http://vanilla-online.jp/)
5290 Yen
10490 Yen
5700 Yen
11400 Yen

  • We cannot accept Webmoney/Bitcash which is already charged into wallet.
  • Partially used Webmoney/Bitcash voucher is accepted.
  • Vanilla VISA voucher code should not be activated.

3. Do you live in Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore or China?
Yes (Alipay)  Click to View
If you are Chinese, you may prefer to register a 2DJGAME account first.
Please read section 3.1 for difference between 2DJGAME and Mikocon members.
For how to register 2DJGAME, please refer to 2DJGAME guest area announcements.
We also accept payment through Taobao Store, please read Question 4.
Count as
Alipay 1 RMB or above
1 RMB = 18.6 Yen
Alipay Voucher
100 RMB or above
100 RMB = 1860 Yen

4. Do you live in Taiwan?
Yes (Taobao)  Click to View
For lowest fee, Taiwanese may use Taobao.
Please contact 提督 for link to our shop product in Taobao.
You will be able to pay by ATM, Online Banking or Credit Card.
Count as
Taobao 1 RMB or above
1 RMB = 18.0 Yen

You can also choose to purchase Vouchers using Ruten or Paypal. Please read Question 5.

5. Do you use Paypal?
Yes (Voucher)  Click to View
Paypal does not allow transactions for non-Charity donations, transactions for adult goods and services, transactions for grey websites.
For the safety of your account and our account, we are not able to directly accept Paypal payments.

  • You can however purchase Vouchers through several online shops which accept Paypal.
  • You can use whichever shop you like, even those outside the list below.
  • You can also choose between Webmoney, Bitcash, PSN Japan or Vanilla VISA (Preferred).
  • For 5000 Yen Denomination of Vanilla VISA, You will receive 5700 Yen worth of VIP credit.
Reference Exchange Rate
US$ 8.53
US$ 17.06
US$ 25.59
US$ 42.65
WM/BC/PSN: 5000
Vanilla: 5700
WM: 1400 Yen WM: 2600 Yen WM: 3800 Yen
PSN: 3700 Yen
WM: 6100 Yen
PSN: 5750 Yen
PSN: US$ 10.99 WM: US$ 22.99 PSN: US$ 28.99 WM: US$ 47.99
PSN: US$ 46.99

All: US$ 20.00 All: US$ 30.00 All: US$ 50.00
Solaris Japan
All: US$ 20.43 All: US$ 29.18
All: US$ 47.11
Vanilla: US$ 49.53
Price and Exchange Rate as of 2015/10/09

6. If none of the above
If you are unable to use any of the above donation methods, the following methods are available:

We accept WMZ as payment. However, WMZ is typically used by uploaders. You may be more likely to be suspected for leak, if one occurs.
  • 1 WMZ = 114 Yen
We accept Bitcoin as payment. However the transaction fee for Bitcoin is very high. We do not recommend using Bitcoin unless there is no other options.

You can also purchase a premium account per Section 5.2, or provide us with exclusive content per Section 5.3

▲ 5.2) Filehost Premium Accounts  Click to View
When you purchase a premium account from our download links, we receive a portion of the amount you paid as rewards.

Please refer to the table below for the price of premium accounts
30 Days
60 Days
90 Days
180 Days
365 Days
Rapidgator US $12.99

US $24.99 US $89.99
Uploaded US $11.99
US $28.99
US $45.99
US $78.99

Purchase from filehosts other than Rapidgator or Uploaded is NOT counted.
We may receive more rewards if you purchase premium account by clicking links on our websites.

For premium account purchase at Mikocon.com or Bishoujo.moe
Premium account purchase will be treated as an amount of donation as following:

30 Days
60 Days
90 Days
180 Days
365 Days
880 Yen

1700 Yen
6100 Yen
670 Yen

1630 Yen
2600 Yen
4460 Yen

For premium account purchase elsewhere (or if copy and paste is used)
Premium account purchase will be treated as an amount of donation as following:

30 Days
60 Days
90 Days
180 Days
365 Days
730 Yen

1420 Yen

5080 Yen
670 Yen

1630 Yen
2600 Yen
4460 Yen

▲ 5.3) Provide Content  Click to View

Whenever possible, 2DJGAME will keep VIP games and magazines private, until a time that we believe a public release does not additionally impact the original creators. If another person decide to purchase the same games and magazines themselves, or more undesirably, to obtain the same content from our private VIP releases, and then directly or indirectly publish it on the internet, there is nothing more 2DJGAME can do.

If you have pre-ordered a game, or have purchased content from digital stores, you are welcomed to provide it to us.

Content Type
(% of Standard Price)
Packaged Games or DL Version
- No bonus edition available
Packaged Games or DL version
- Non-shop Bonus discs available, but not provided
Packaged Games
- Non-shop Bonus discs available, and provided
Additional Shop Bonus Discs or
Shop Bonus Disc of an already released game
- If a shop bonus contain 2 discs, provide both to be counted
Additional Disc or Box or Manual or Artbook Label
DL Exclusive Games
- No package version available / on sale at time of provide
Other DL Exclusive Content
- Will be stored in 2DJGAME VIP only, no public release

How to upload content?
  • FTP with SSL access can be provided if notified at least 2 days in advance
  • For long term provide, Bittorrent Sync is recommended
  • For one-time provide, Dropbox / Google Drive / Baidupan / MEGA with password is recommended.

Circumstances that VIP credit will be given
  • For DL games, VIP credit may not be given if someone else already published on the public internet.
  • For Packaged games, if your intention to provide is notified well in advance, VIP credit may still be given despite someone else has already published on the public internet.
  • You allow us to publish the games as 2DJGAME own bought and in our VIP areas. You can optionally request your nickname to be added when we release such games. You can have some degree of control on when to release these games but the minimum (+21 days) applies.
  • If you do not want us to release the content publicly, the games will be available on 2DJGAME VIP only. Reduced VIP credit given will be given (except shop bonus discs)
  • If you do not allow us to publish as <2DJGAME Own Bought>, reduced VIP credit will be given.

If you provide games for us to release as <2DJGAME Own Bought>, in the following circumstances, all your VIP credit will be forfeited:
  • If the games you provided is not of your own bought. If you bought as a group, please first seek permission from the rest of your group.
  • If you or someone in your group provided the same game to someone else, who then publish that game on the internet.
  • If the content your provided is fake, or is modified, except that you only converted to RAR and/or removed the outermost folder

▲ 5.4) How to submit Voucher / Verify Premium Account / Provide Content  Click to View
To verify premium account, please read

To submit Webmoney / Bitcash / PSN Japan / Alipay / Vanilla VISA Voucher, please read

To use WMZ, Alipay, Bitcoin or Taobao, or to provide games
  • Please click the Send button under 提督 to send a private message

6) Common Mikocon VIP Questions  Click to View
Mikocon VIP area contains games that we have purchased, or has been purchased by our members and then provided to us.
For Magazines, it is scanned by one of our Team, Comic ONE.

To understand how to use the forum functions in Mikocon VIP area, please read

We do not force anyone to donate. You should support legal product whenever possible.
Mikocon VIP is intended for:
  • Users who have purchased games, but would prefer to keep the package pristine.
  • Users who would have to wait for weeks or even months to have games shipped to them.
  • Users who may face criminal prosecution for shipping hardcore or loli games from Japan.
  • Users who are willing to purchase games, but is unwilling to keep erotic goods in their homes.

▲ 6.1) Questions related to Private Game Releases  Click to View

● 6.1.1) How does 2DJGAME decide what games NOT to purchase?  Click to View
  • Specific genres that are usually purchased by other uploaders.
  • Games that our members has pre-ordered and notified us their intention to provide to us.
  • Games with special protection that will take our cracker some time to crack, but could be cracked by non-2DJGAME cracker in no time.

● 6.1.2) How does 2DJGAME decide what games to purchase?  Click to View
  • Games that are of less popular genres that we predict other major uploaders are not going to release
  • Games that are appealing, but have not been released by other uploaders for many months

● 6.1.3) Can 2DJGAME purchase all games? Why does 2DJGAME not purchase all games?  Click to View
In theory, we have enough fund to cover the cost to purchase all games.
We also have the lowest possible cost to purchase games.
  • Chinese banking system charges only a small fraction of what Western banking system charges for transferring and exchanging money to Japan in Yen.
  • We have our own deputy service to minimize deputy cost and shipping fee.

For physical games, purchasing and then ripping game images ourselves, requires substantially more effort than copying from other uploaders.
Purchasing too much games negatively impact our release speed. Also, it is highly demoralizing for our supporters and staff, to see that a game we purchased has been already released before we received our copy.

We are fully prepared to take over any vacancy, if any of the major uploaders decide to quit game release.

● 6.1.4) Can you purchase a game for me?  Click to View
In the case of donation by vouchers or direct payment, you can request how your donation is to be spent, such as to purchase a certain game.
The request will be fulfilled in best-effort basis

● 6.1.5) The game I want to play is 40th in your VIP area. I do not want to wait that long.  Click to View
As we release 1-3 games a day, the game you want to play will be available in about a month.

If you are unable to wait, you can:
  • Purchase legit version, most games are available on digital store for your instant gratification.
  • Purchase another game that we do not have, in exchange for VIP credit to spend on that game.
  • Verify your premium account you have, for VIP credit (less than 5% of our premium account sold, has been verified)

If you spend absolutely nothing, please read Section 2.
Do you really need to play that game now?

● 6.1.6) Can I share a game to my friend or elsewhere?  Click to View
By sharing a game to your friend, you will bear full responsibility of any leak which is caused by your friend directly or indirectly.
Please do not share our private download links and file password.

● 6.1.7) I am an uploader / release site owner, can I use Mikocon VIP?  Click to View
If you generally release in the same sites as we do, i.e. a competitor, the answer is a big NO.
Otherwise, if you strictly adhere to our VIP release rules, and do not use our VIP release as a competitive advantage, it is fine to use Mikocon VIP.

▲ 6.2) Questions related to Private Magazine Releases  Click to View

● 6.2.1) What magazines do you scan?  Click to View
We scan all magazines that
  • Digital version is sold at least 3 weeks after physical version.
  • Publish at least once every 3 months
  • Not an one-off assortment tankoubon.
  • Not a recollection of old published content.

● 6.2.2) Do you scan Tankoubons?  Click to View
We scan some Tankoubons bought by our staff.
You can also commission Tankoubon and Doujinshi scanning. Please refer to

For convenience of our staffs, we operate an scan all-or-nothing policy.
If most Tankoubon scanners cease scanning, we can purchase all Tankoubons for scanning.

● 6.2.3) Can I upload a chapter of VIP magazine?  Click to View

The answer is a strict NO.
All leaks, no matter large or small, result in a negative impact to the Japanese creators.
For persistent offenders, we may choose to stop VIP release for that particular magazine.

● 6.2.4) Can I translate your VIP magazine?  Click to View

▲ 6.3) General Questions  Click to View

● 6.3.1) Why do you receive donations only in Yen? Are you actually appealing to Japanese users?  Click to View
All Yen-denominated donations we received will be spent inside Japan, to purchase games or magazines.

With the exception of Alipay and WMZ, we do not accept any other non-Yen denominated donations.
Foreign issued Gift credit card might not be usable outside the issuing country. It is not possible to combine balances of gift cards from different issuers. A $50 gift card is not sufficient to buy a 8,800 yen game. There may be transaction fees, foreign exchange fee, yearly maintenance fee, overdrawn bounce penalty fee associated with gift cards.

Our unreleased content <Access> cost is set such that
Cost is low enough that it is deemed affordable, when scanning cost, shipping cost and deputy fee is taken into account.
Cost is high enough that it is not being used as a deputy service, or a cheap scanning service.
Cost is high enough that Japanese users may instead purchase originals.

● 6.3.2) My Access is suddenly missing  Click to View
When there is a leak of our private release to the public internet, we will first temporary cancel all VIP credit from all suspected members.
This is to try to avoid further leaks.

When the offending member is found, VIP credit of all other suspects will be restored.
It may take several hours, occasionally up to a week, to complete the investigation.

You are free to contact 提督 if a misunderstanding occurs.

● 6.3.3) This game or magazine must be selling many VIPs like hotcake!  Click to View
Our members are from all over the world. What particular content (e.g. NTR) that you like, may not be what other people like too.
Please respect our releases. We are not obligated to put every content we purchased or scanned into our VIP area.

● 6.3.4) I am unsatisfied with Mikocon and/or Mikocon VIP.  Click to View
Please all VIP members refrain from making insults on the internet, to 2DJGAME, Mikocon or our releases.
Any claims such as "I would have leaked this ..." will be considered as your intention to break our rules.

If you are unsatisfied with how we releases, please do not attempt to join our VIP.
You will be even more unhappy when you get banned, wasting both your time and ours.
You may also be forcing us to come up with stronger measures.

If you are already a VIP, you can give us a feedback. Within reason, we will gladly refund your donation.

Special Note for Korean:

It is likely that DCMYS is also privately sharing some games originating from our private release..
If you have access to DCMYS, we encourage you to report the leak to us.
For every member we found by your reporting, you will receive half of the remaining donation of the leaker.

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I send PM.     

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一段時間沒來 版面改了

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read it. i'm korean so i can just a little english.... i knew DCMYS by searching

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Sent pm to 提督. Thank you.


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rockleevk replied at 2016-8-18 03:19
Sent pm to 提督. Thank you.


Sent 2nd PM with the missing for the archive. Sorry for the double post.

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I send PM.     

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Sent PM again, notifying about still waiting for an answer.

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Waiting for answer still, sent pm few days ago with the stuff brought over the ftp.


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Could you explain the meaning of your group name? Are the names "2DJGAME" and "2D.G.F" equivalent? If it's an abbreviation, what does it stand for?

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