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本站從 2015 年末起發布的同人遊戲,幾乎都有自購。
除撞車外,只於 (付費) FTP 進行版本更新。版本查詢請使用「倉庫検索」。
如果你有自費購買任何同人資源,而又提供較新版本,可交換本站或 2DJGAME 貨幣。

Since late-2015, 2DJGAME/Mikocon have purchased most of the new Doujin Games.
Due to frequent updates, to avoid feeding the competitors, and encourage users to purchase legally,
With the exception of collision, 2DJGAME/Mikocon only provide updated version on our FTP.
You can check for the available version on「倉庫検索」above.
If you can provide any updated version of Doujin content, you can exchange to Mikocon/2DJGAME forum currencies.


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